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Our experienced training managers provide technical based training and O & M Maintenance management courses through the development of applicable lesson plans and daily learning objectives which also includes "hands-on" skills development. In addition, Carvell Consulting utilizes estimated training calendars to help provide our customers the ability to apply the students new knowledge on the job as quickly as possible. Learning activities in our courses target each of the three major learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic as well as all conventional educational practices, modes and methods. Carvell Consulting uses classroom lectures/discussions, equipment maintenance scenarios, team projects, quizzes, progress tests and final exams to gauge the progress of each student. Learning tools include slides, workbooks, equipment and manufacturer reference sheets/guidelines and O & M plans. 



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Our managers past performance evaluations reflect how many agree that we deliver the best training, services and management support while operating transparently, services and management support while operating transparently and in good faith. We take a great pride in our ability and flexibility in providing superb project management and training services, within the constraints of available funding. We continuously seek to improve our capabilities and the delivery products and services, while decreasing our costs to better serve the client.